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To Arrange a Cremation
Cremation Arrangements can be made with a simple phone call or a veterinarian can call for you. If a cremation is chosen, the pet will be promptly cremated and the ashes be made avaiailable to the owner.


Urns for Cremation

Private Cremation - Each pet will be individually cremated the day it comes to us. Prior to the cremation a permanent identification tag is issued to each pet and a small hair clipping is obtained. This will later serve as a keepsake and a confirmed positive identification. The pets' ashes are returned in a simple and elegant urn along with the aforementioned identification tag, a hair clipping, and a cremation certificate. Any client who wishes to witness the process may due so at no additional charge. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Communal Cremation - This service is offered as an inexpensive but dignified alternative to the private cremation. The pets are cremated in groups and the ashes scattered on the cemetery grounds. No ashes returned with this service.