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Established in 1972, Ohio Valley Pet Cemetery and Crematorium has been family owned by David and Jean Lee and has been serving the Lousville and Southern Indiana area since it's founding.

The Lee's are welcoming and helpful, and always available to make sure your beloved pet is cared for with dignity and concern

Pet Cemeteries are neither new nor a fad. They are at least as old as the Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt. Early Chinese Emporer's maintained a dog cemetery at Peking. Later, Queen Victoria had a cemetery on the Isle of Wright in which her beloved dogs were interred.

Today nearly every major city in the United States has a Pet Cemetery, most of them founded fairly recently because of growing Pet Burial Legal Restrictions imposed by city health departments and because of inhumane aspects of some city pet disposal programs.

It is a great comfort to know your pet, who has served you and your family so faithfully, will have a final resting place amid beautiful surroundings. This is the appropriate way to say "goodbye" and to pay the last respects to cherished memories of a beloved pet.

Code of Ethics

- We will show the same compassion, sympathetic understanding, and genuine concern we would wish provided if it were our close companion and loyal friend that was being laid to rest.

- We will respect the confidence of every family served.

- We will perform all services in a dignified manner.

- We will always maintain our cemetery to the best of our ability, keeping in mind our cemetery reflects all Pet Cemeteries.

- We will uphold the highest standards of our profession, always striving to raise the level of our industry.


Ohio Valley Pet Cemetery